LxCenter Kloxo HyperVM
LxCenter Kloxo HyperVM

Welcome at the temporary page of LxCenter

LxCenter Kloxo HyperVM
April 15 2014
Our Main server is prepared and delivered from a new Sponsor.

April 14 2014
Main download server operational. All mirrors are in sync except one.
Second Backup server operational.
Main website is being build from scratch.

April 8 2014
First Backup server operational
Second backup server in progress

April 7 2014
The server at Burstnet is still down. We are preparing for a Plan B. Plan B is building everything from scratch.
We are giving some more days to see if the server is going to be online.

Installations still possible

- http://download.lxcenter.org/

HyperVM License problem? Try to replace this file to set your HyperVM as unlimited usage. If everyone doing this, then the License server does not to be up again...

OS Requirements
HyperVM production: CentOS 5 32/64Bit
HyperVM beta: CentOS 5 & 6 32/64Bit
Kloxo production: CentOS 5 32/64Bit

- Download mirrors ONLINE
- Secondary NS ONLINE
- RPM Buildmachines ONLINE
- IRC server ONLINE

- Main website OFFLINE
- Project website OFFLINE
- Wiki website OFFLINE
- Forum website OFFLINE
- Client (license) website OFFLINE
- Main download server OPERATIONAL

- Backup server 1 OPERATIONAL
- Backup server 2 OPERATIONAL

At 31 march 2014, the main server of LxCenter went down. We discovered that Burstnet is moving their Datacenter with thousands of servers to another Datacenter. At april first, Burstnet announced that they where taken over by a company DigiPLUS. DigiPLUS is doing the work in the new Datacenter. The datacenter is moved from Scranton, PA to Charlotte, NC. The days passed and our main focus was on the WHT forum to follow the thread about information. Seems some servers are online and a lot not. In general a lot cutomers at Burstnet are down for over a week and they have no idea what happened to their equipment. As for us, LxCenter is hosted at one of the MercuryVPS.com servers and we have contact with him on IRC. Though he is also very pissed because Burstnet/DigiPLUS is keeping themselfs in the dark and does not even give out information to the public.
We decided to wait for some days but its now time to present ourself still to be alive.

Whats next? We dont know. We might go start from scratch building the main website, forum, bugtracker wiki's etc if nothing happens in the next week.

I redirected all main websites to one page so every request is visiting this page.

April 14 - UPDATE
* MercuryVPS server is left behind at Scranton PA.

Contact/follow/chat with us at twitter, facebook or IRC.
IRC: by a client: Host irc.lxcenter.org Port 6667
or via online chatclient:
http://irc.lc/irc.lxcenter.org/lxcenter/lxuser@@@ (copy paste it)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lxcenter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LxCenterORG

Installing Kloxo
setenforce 0
yum install -y wget
wget http://download.lxcenter.org/download/kloxo/production/kloxo-installer.sh
chmod +x kloxo-installer.sh
sh ./kloxo-installer.sh --type=master

Want to run a Download mirror?
Need just a VPS with CentOS 6 (32 or 64bit), minimal 50GB space. Running services are just sshd, apache, 5 minute cron for rsync. At this moment we are busy to get everything up and running again. After this we are starting to add the mirrors. The people that already offered to be a mirror, we shall contact you when we are ready for it.

Plan B: Looking for a Sponsor. Need a dedicated server, 64Bit, 8GB RAM, minimal 200Gb storage, Unlimited traffic, minimal 100Mbit up/down, minimal 6xIPv4, CentOS 6, europe or usa.
Plan B: Looking for backup storage. Minimal space 500GB. Can be just a FTP account somewhere or VPS or Dedicated server.
At the terms of "Life time" until project dies. Contact: via facebook or twitter.
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