Kloxo 6.1.7 Beta testing is started

Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

Beta Testing

Beta testing is started. Currently we are at 6.1.7 Beta 2.

We might go to try also Public Beta testing so we can catch and fix any problems in the beta versions. After this we are going to create RC (Release Candidate) version(s).

For every translator, it is now time to send in updated or new translation files. We have added several new translation strings to be translated (Read this for how to check untranslated strings).

The releasedate of Kloxo 6.1.7 is before the end of this month.


After the 6.1.7 release we go to migrate Kloxo to GitHub (HyperVM already migrated but not finished yet). More information will be presented next month.


Stay tuned about the Public Beta testing case.

Danny Terweij
LxCenter - System Operations


Added by Konstantinos Giagidis over 3 years ago

please forgive me...

This is closed beta testing? And if no, how we can try the beta?

Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

The answer is already given above :)
"We might" and "Stay Tuned"...

In short, just watch the news about public beta testing.

Added by Karol Jakubiuk over 3 years ago

Any list of changes? I want to migrate from plesk but kloxo still have many things to evaluate

Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

Changes can be found in the Roadmap