Thirdparty Updates

Added by Danny Terweij over 2 years ago

Hi, i already started to update thirdparty software. A few already pushed to the public. But most stays at 90% and stays in the lxcenter-testing repository until i have finished all the updates. That way we all have more time to test the new versions before it goes to be pusched to the live repository.

I do build/rebuild everything against CentOS 5 32/64Bit in a most standard environment. That means, only CentOS 5 Base/Update, our own LxCenter repository and sometimes EPEL packages are used to build or rebuild the software.
That way we know for sure that Kloxo works for 100% in a stable environment with the released LxCenter packages.

For now i do only do thirdparty software updates for CentOS 5 32 and 64Bit. When done, i go work at the rebuilds for CentOS 6 32/64Bit where possible.

I strongly advice to disable INSTALLAPP.
I already disabled Horde webmail because its is old and has some security issues. The newest Horde versions can be used in our environment out of the box. Depends how easy Horde 4/5 can be reintegrated into Kloxo before it returns.
For the moment, Roundcube is the best and updated and stable one.

Ofcourse because of xmas days and newsyearseve, it might be the case that i start updating the packages in the first week of 2013. Unless somthing critical issue arrives :)

Anyway, keep me posted about new thirdparty versions in the existing issue. I can't monitor all the software vendors myself :)

Have a good xmas!

Kind Regards,
Danny Terweij