Added by Danny Terweij over 2 years ago

Hi all,

I'll be back active soon. Just for packages updates (RPM/thirdparty). If still nobody contributes to the project then what? Contributing is easy, everyone can do that if they know PHP programming. What holds people back is the question...

Anyway, real life comes first. Had a busy time. Still have not much time. Too much projects and other things, but some will end so let's update all the software packages :)

Danny Terweij

p.s. not using Kloxo/HyperVM in production anymore as i stopped my Hosting Company. Still using Kloxo to play with at home inside a VM.
p.s. please donate if you can miss something. Every dollar is a dollar :) Maybe we can hire some coder in the future :P
p.s. when i am back, i have to read a lot emails from the past LOL


Added by René Nieuwburg over 2 years ago

Hi Danny,

I am using Kloxo in production up to now, despite the bugs that crept into the code that I could not fix and nobody else did either. Then when I noticed the dissipation of the developer community. I came to the conclusion that for my circumstances Kloxo had become unsuitable for production. My company is just too small to dedicate time to a Opensource project like Kloxo and I can simply not do without a larger group of other developers that carry the project. I'm slowly migrating to another solution.

What really broke my trust in Kloxo as product and project, was the fact that features were adopted with insufficient regard for stability. A developer that now has disappeared with the others, left us with some nice features, but broke some important others. This should never happen in a release version! It would have been better to at least have a stable and a feature-rich branch, the stable only approving new features after thorough testing of existing functionality. Stability means to me that new functionality never breaks existing functionality. Unfortunately I don't have more time then just commenting this and I don't have the capacity nor the time to do any better.