Kloxo 6.1.7 Public Beta

Added by Walter Secco over 3 years ago

Kloxo 6.1.7 Public Beta

As we get closer to a final release LxCenter invites everyone to try Kloxo 6.1.7 Beta.

It is very simple. Just run the commands below (as root) and update an existing Kloxo server or install from scratch following the Installation Guide in our wiki:

echo "  download.lxcenter.org" >> /etc/hosts


LxCenter does not recommend you run Beta releases in production servers.

Note Kloxo reports version 6.1.7 but there will always be a new update available. It is recommended you enable "Auto Update" under "General Settings" so you are always running the latest Beta release.

The last Beta release will remove the testing server from your "hosts" file and your Kloxo install becomes the final version.

Please, report bugs at the Kloxo Development forum.

You can see the bug fixes and new features in the roadmap. Please test each of them and add your comment to the issues.

Thank you for your support!

- LxCenter Team


Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

Currently we are at Beta 4. Still a few things to test and to be fixed.

We are close to a an Release Candidate.

Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

Beta 5 online.

Added by Danny Terweij over 3 years ago

Beta 6 tested by the public and is mentioned as Stable.

Thank you to all that installed the Beta's. The statistics showed us enough information and will continue to do this in the future.

Added by amit kumar mishra over 3 years ago

it works for all the betas of all major release candidates
correct me if i am wrong!